Why do I have BOTH "Tasks" AND "To-Do List" in "My Tasks"?



I am using OL2007, and I would appreciate assistance because I am very

I am in the Tasks view in OL, in the "Navigation Pane" on the left, it shows:

Tasks [Major Heading]
[Search Icon] All Task Items
My Tasks [Sub Heading]
[Flag Icon] To-Do List
[Tasks Icon] Tasks (12)
Current View [Sub Heading]

My question is: Should I be working with the "Tasks" or the "To-Do List",
and what is the difference between what each contains?

Thank you for any explanation you can give me!

Juan Antonio

Roady [MVP]

The Tasks folder only contains Task items. The To-Do List also contains
items (mail messages and contacts) that have been marked for follow up with

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