Why do I get some missing minor gridlines in an excel chart?



I have an excel chart. The horizontal minor gridlines (y-axis) show
correctly. Some of the vertical minor gridlines (x-axis) are missing. Any
ideas on how to correct this. I can turn the minor gridlines off, but I
would like to have them for my content.



Bernard Liengme

What version of Excel?
Line or XY chart ?
Any chance you could share the data with us?
best wishes


do you have more than 100 rows of data?
if so you may be running into a variant of "Multi-level Category Axis Fails
with >100 rows of data"


Jun 18, 2012
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I have just been struggling with this exact problem.

Excel 2010, scatter chart with logarithmic X axis, from 0.01 to 100. Some of the minor gridlines were missing (0.2, 4, and 80). Nothing would fix them, not even removing and re-creating the grid lines.

I discovered the problem. In Format Axis, Major Unit and Minor Unit were set to Fixed. Re-setting to Auto fixed the problem.

I did some further experimenting, and found that if you try to change Major Unit or Minor Unit on an existing Logarithmic Axis, Excel 2010 ignores you and keeps the default values of 10. However, if you set the axis to Linear, then change Major Unit or Minor Unit, then change back to Logarithmic, Excel keeps your values and depending on what you chose can give some bizarre results. Some could be useful - for example setting Major Unit to 2 gives you grid lines at 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 etc. instead of the usual 1, 10, 100...

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