Log scale and minor gridline labels



I am trying to plot pH data in a scatter chart. I need to need to use log
scale for yaxis but cannot seem to figure out how to do the following.

1. cannot display minor gridline labels (since this is log scale...using
range of 1-10) how do I get the minor labels to appear?

2. how do I just show a subsection of this y-axis range without placing the
x-axis in the middle of the chart? for example, if I set the x axis to cross
at 5...then I still have the portion of the chart below 5 showing.



Bernard Liengme

If you re plotting pH you do not need a log scale since the pH is
the -log(H+ conc), so the log has already been taken,
Give us a few data points that you need to plot.
best wishes



Shane Devenshire


I am not clear on the second question - you want to display a portion of the
Y-axis, but what does changeing the X-axis have to do with it?

Normally if you only want to see a portion of the Y axis you would right
click the Y-axis and choose Format Axis, pick the scale tab and change the
Minimum and Maximum values.

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