Why do birthday dates change in Outlook Calendar?



I have birthdays entered in Outlook on the correct day and have them
recurring on that same day every year. All of a sudden, the birthdays in the
current year are showing as two days. For example, Mary's birthday is 3/22
and I have entered it as 3/22 and set it to recur every year on that date.
When I look at my calendar for March 2007, it now shows Mary's birthday as
3/21 AND 3/22. If I look at the series for the birthday, it's correct but
when I look at the single occurrence, it's wrong. Why is it doing this?


I have a similar problem, however ALL recurring all day appointments
(birthdays, holidays etc) moved to the day before with NO overlap to
the proper day. This includes multi day events (like vacations) they
moved up one day sooner.

OL2003 / WINXPSP2 / Patch Applied Tzmove.exe

Any ideas?


Check your system time/date and DST settings on both Outlook and Windows and
make sure they agree with each other.

Jocelyn Fiorello
MVP - Outlook

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May 10, 2013
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i have a similar problem. I have saved brithdays and anniversaries on my contacts. when shared with my boss, the date automatically changes the next date. if a particular birthday falls on 31st May, when shared it changes to 1st June. Please help on this.


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