Why do appointments go to the wrong calendar?


Stephen M. Graham

The situation:
Outlook 2007 SP 1
User A is the user logged in to the workstation & Outlook
User B is some other Exchange user
1) User A connects to User B's shared calendar
2) User A returns to "Mail" view
3) User A returns to "Calendar" view
4) User A creates a new appointment
5) New appointment appears created by User B in User B's calendar

This can be avoided if the last selected calendar to be displayed is User
A's before returning to the "Mail" view. (this involves unchecking and
re-checking the main user's calendar)

A quick look to the title bar in "Calendar" view will indicate which
calendar you will be writing in, but it is cumbersome to work around this

Anybody else get this? Anybody have an actual fix?



Diane Poremsky {MVP}

events are added to the selected calendar - its listed in the bottom of the
calendar form but can't be changed from that area - the user will need to
make sure calendar B is the calendar in focus before creating the item - if
not, they can use Office orb, Move to... Other Folder to move it to their
calendar *after* they have it ready to save rather than closing it and
making a new one in the correct calendar.

** Please include your Outlook version, Account type, and Windows Version
when requesting assistance **

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