Why did my font shadow color change?



All of a sudden, all the white font that I had chosen a shadow for changed
to a white shadow. Previously it was either black or grey and against a
dark background, it really stood out. Now all of my font has a white shadow
and it makes it looky blury - like you're seeing 2 without having had a
drink! I have tried changing this this through the object shadow but that
has no effect.

Can someone tell me why this happened and how to fix it?

many thanks,


Geetesh Bajaj

You might have changed the color scheme for the presentation? The shadow
color is based on the shadow color within the scheme color although even this
can be overridden with any other color.

This site provides more info on color schemes:


All the above info pertains to versions of PowerPoint before 2007 -- for
version 2007 and later, most of this works differently -- and Color Schemes
have been replaced by Theme Colors.


Geetesh - thanks. That was ridiculously easy to fix once I knew what the
problem was! Not sure how that got changed. Thanks for responding and I
enjoy your newsletters and books.

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