Why can't I see my entire Worksheet on the Excel screen?



I have a workbook that was created in Excel 2003, and has been fine for the
past few months since I've moved to Excel 2007. About 2 weeks ago my
workbook shrunk so that it uses up only about 50% of the viewable area on the
work area window. Normally, you would be able to click on the Maximize
button, or double-click the Title Bar, to expand the sheet to the full window
size, but Maximize, Minimize, and Exit are not showing on the Title Bar of
the Worksheet at all, and double-clicking the Title Bar itself has no effect.
The only thing that appears different is that the Worksheet is marked as
being in Compatibility Mode.

Can anyone tell me how to get my worksheet expanded to use all of the
available screen area?

Thank you.


I'm having the same error, the excel file is fitted into a small window of
half the size of my screen, the reso of the screen is filled with Excel's
background blue color.
its not a zoom problem (if I zoom it zooms inside that small window) and
its not a page break issue as all that is also INSIDE the window. The problem
is the window can't be maximized.

Any one else having this issue?

Gord Dibben

Is the workbook protected for structure and windows?

If so, the Min, Max/Restore and Exit will not appear on the title bar.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP
Nov 11, 2012
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I hit "Ctrl + F9" and it "Minimized the workbook window. I then Restored the window and it restored perfectly. Hopefully this works for you guys.
Feb 5, 2013
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Go to view:
Arrange All
Doing this should put your spreadsheet back to size so that you can see the buttons in the upper left hand corner.
Aug 8, 2021
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I had the same problem and noticed that it was because I started using a second monitor. When it was on my Screen #2 which is also a larger monitor, the file was only taking up the bottom half of the window. I dragged the Excel window back to my Screen#1 and it corrected itself. Then when I dragged it back to Screen #2, it was still ok.

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