Why can't I open Word file saved on flash drive w/ext .tmp?

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Anne Arundel Maggie

Working at home, my manager saved a word doc onto a flash drive and the
extension was changed to .tmp. Now, trying to open the file at the office
the document won't open in Word.


Did you change the extension to "doc" before trying to open it? I would think
that "tmp" is unknown to Word.


Sounds like your manager saved the "owner" file instead of the Word file.
I often get an email from collegues with the owner file, which has a
tilda(~) and .tmp file extention, instead of the actual Word file.
You may need to ak your manager to send you the actual Word file.
Best of luck.


Also, forgot to mention, never work with Word files directly from/to memory
sticks, as this is a sure-fire way to corrupt and lose the file completely.
Always copy the file to the hard-drive, edit, save, close, then copy back to
the media.
Best of luck

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