Whoa is me... can get desktop Icons back on TS...


Scott Townsend

When I set up our Terminal Server ages ago I locked down the Desktop pretty
tight with a GPO on the OU for the Server.

I had one for Admin users that was non-restrictive and one for the general
user that is restrictive.

I'm now trying to get the Icons back for a few users. I cant for the life of
me get them to come back.

I've added the users to the Admin GPO, denied them to the general user GPO,
Added them as a Local Admin. With each test I've deleted the Profile

Could I have done something to the 'Default user' profile that is causing it
to stick?


Steven L Umbach

You could try adding the icons/shortcuts directly to the user's profile
desktop folder. A user's profile is built from the default profile and then
they will have the desktop folder for the all users profile merged with
their user profile. Terminal servers often have "loopback processing" of
Group Policy applied to them so that a user will receive the user
configuration of the OU where the TS is located rather than their usual GP
user configuration settings. If you use the gpresult tool you will be able
to find more info on the Group Policies applied to that TS and user. ---

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/260370/EN-US/ --- info on loopback

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