Which MMC works with WinXP x64?


R. C. White

Hi, Gang.

My EPoX 8KDA3+ 64-bit mobo and Athlon 64 3200+ are about a year old. The
"gold" WinXP Pro x64 from MSDN was installed last month. ATI's website says
that the 5.5 and 5.6 Catalyst drivers support x64 on AIW 9500 and up, so I
retired my 2-year-old AIW 9000 and bought an AIW 9600 three weeks ago.

I've had no more than the usual hassles with installing either the 5.5 or
5.6 drivers and MMC 9.08 when I dual-boot to 32-bit WinXP Pro. In x64, the
5.5 and now 5.6 drivers installed OK, but there is no Control Panel. The
DVD decoder installed, too.

But a dozen or more attempts to install MMC 9.08 leave me with the same set
of messages. First, it says that installation was successful, but it needs
to reboot. Then, on reboot, there is a window onscreen that says the MMC
"does not appear to be installed. You may need to re-install the Multimedia
Center." Reinstallation does no good at all, of course. While the MMC
folder and all its programs appear in All Programs, clicking on any of them
(TV, DVD, etc.) gets no reaction. Right-clicking the ATI icon in the
Systray also gets a menu, but clicking any item gets nothing.

Yes, I've wiped everything ATI out of my system more than once. And I've
tried installation in various sequences. I learned the importance of
installation sequence with my first AIW card about 5 years ago. Once I got
over that hurdle, I've enjoyed TV on my computer and the rest of MMC on a
couple of AIWs since May 2000.

The ATI website does not say that any MMC works with x64. But neither does
it say that it doesn't.

So my main question: Is MMC 9.08 SUPPOSED to work with WinXP Pro x64?




R. C. White

Replying to my own post to pass along what ATI - Customer Care said in
response to my quesry about this:

"Currently there are no drivers for the capture capabilities of your AIW
card and XP64bit. There is also not a version of MMC software for XP 64bit
at this time.

"The next driver release is about 3 weeks away there may be more information
available at this time."

Of course, I wasn't asking about drivers, but about the MMC. I want to
watch TV on my computer again! After all, I paid for that capability.


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