Where is Final Release BCM 2010, Microsoft? Why is Dev Team silent



It is very troublesome when the development team goes completely silent,
especially when they are behind schedule.

Credibility comes from honest communication, not from hiding under big mama
Microsoft's skirts. Please provide an update on the release schedule for
this product!!!!



Jim D


Agreed. part of the reason I bought into BCM is the fact that is was a
Microsoft product and thus I assumed it would be professionally supported.

Sadly, this message board is a ghost town and there is no other way I know
of to get questions answered regarding BCM.





I can't answer for Microsoft in terms of why there's been no official
response, but I can confirm that BCM 2010 has gone RTM and that it has been
available for Partners to download for the past week (certainly, it's
available to us as Gold Certified Partners and I have already downloaded and
installed it).

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