Where can I download a specific symbol file?


Jarkko Inki


I do most of my development on a computer that's not connected to the
internet (and I want it to stay that way). Therefore it is not an option to
run some kind of specific debugger just in order to be able to let it
"automatically" download needed symbol files. I want to be able to download
a single symbol file for a specific version of a dll (or whatever) and then
copy it to the non-connected environment. Is there a way to do this? If not;

Best regards
Jarkko Inki
Jun 16, 2006
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Kangaroo Pt

Jarkko,Just checking to see if your the same guy who lived in Autralia in Kangaroo Pt.If so...drop me a line at (e-mail address removed) Eräkare

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