what's wrong with remote printer?



HI all,

I had previously enjoyed the use of remote printer on Remote Desktop. But I
don't know why, recently there is no remote printer any more, what's wrong
with my system?

Here is my situation in details:

Let's call the PC Windows XP I am using locally A, and the PC Windows XP I
am accessing remotely B.

A is the one I am currently using locally-- the one that faces me now; I
have a USB printer connected to this local PC.

B is the one at my home, and I am accessing it remotely using Remote Desktop
via A.

I open a PDF document on B. And I want to print it on my local printer
attached to A.

Previously it worked, the local printer always appeared in the print dialog
on B. So I can print the remote document on my local printer.

A while ago it stopped working. Every time I connect to the remote PC, and
launch a print dialog on B, my local printer on A does not appear at all.

What's wrong with my systems?

(I've made sure that the "Local Printer" option in "Local Resources" tab is
activated already).

Thanks a lot!

Priya Raghavan [MSFT]


Are there any event viewer messages stating anything about this printer
which was not redirected ?
Also, can you also confirm if the printer is completely not redirected or is
it an app specific issue - by verifying in Control Panel -> Printers ?



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