What is the best way to distribute the logo's for an Excel house style?



I posted yesterday a question about inserting a logo with an Excel 2007

As nobody answered me I'll put my question a different way.

I made an Excel 2007 house style Add-inn.

Because we are afraid of misuse of the logo's we do not like to distribute
the logo-files to all the users.

How do other companies distribute an Excel house style template without
having legal problems with the logo?

Or what is the best way to protect the logo file against (easy) misuse.

Thanks, Els



Peter T

If the logo appears on the screen it can be copied in a number of ways,
including screen capture. No way to prevent that.

You could ensure the logo is never made visible to anyone not authorised, eg
use of password.

It seems unusual to want to hide a logo, have you considered protecting it
with a Trademark.

Peter T

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