External Logo / Image / Graphic linked in to worksheet




i been trying to find out the best way of doing this.

I have a worksheet which is used as an invoice and want to add a small
company logo (currently a gif) in to the sheet

I wonder what is the best way of doing it.

I been trying to insert it via picture, but it will save with every

So i put in a directory as a gif and tried to link to it with no joy.

I thought like word you create a static link to a image which doesnt
get saved in the document , or is a link to the file...

The only other way i can see of doing it is inserting the image in to a
workbook and then link to that workbook cell..

I havent tried it .. but can ppl give the pro and cons. and the best
way of doing this simple thing.






In some versions of Excel you can put a picture or graphic in the header.
Whenever you print the sheet the logo will show up.

File > PageSetup... > Header/Footer > Custom Header... > Select Picture

This works with Excel 2002, don't know about other versions.

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