What info contained when dropping favorites link in browser



Can anyone tell me what information is available when I drop a link
from my favorites list on to a drop-activated html control?

I want to do something like this:

function onDrop(id) {
var info = event.dataTransfer.getData("Text");
alert("This link contains: "+ info);


The above works when I pull the icon from the address bar into the
activated control but favorites links do not offer either Text or URL



Rob ^_^

Hi Paul,

I have not tried this myself, but hopefully this will give you some ideas.

1. There are two possible link file types that a user may have in their
Favorites folder - Program links (*.lnk) which are in a binary format, and
Internet Shortcuts (*.url) which are in text format and actually have an ini
file type structure. Setup up Notepad in your Send to menu and use it to
open your Favorites files in notepad to view the internal contents of the

So, Forget about Program Links (*.lnk), filter them out by file type in your
OLEMouseOver code.

For Internet Shortcut files you should be able to accept the file name from
the source.files and then open an parse the dropped *.url file, though you
may have problems gaining access to the users hard disk to read the contents
of the url file.

Alternatively scan the registry for the url file type in the HKCR key and
find the Program association for the Properties context menu and incorporate
that command in your control.


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