What happened to blinking and marching ants in Word 2007?

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There used to be a third TAB in FORMAT FONT that enabled you to make the text
BLINK or make it look like RED ANTS (or BLACK ANTS) were MARCHING around the
text, or make te text look like a movie MARQUEE. I can't seem to find that
third TAB in Word 2007. If it was removed, please tell me so I can stop
searching for it. (For example, the Postal BAR CODE was removed from
ENVELOPES and LABELS because Microsoft claims it does not want to misdirect
mal in case the bar code is wrong.) If it was NOT removed, please tell me how
to access it. The text appears perfectly normal when you print the document,
so this type of "highlighting" visible only to the writer is useful in
reminding you to update certain parts of the text in a document you intend to
use every year, every month, etc.



Peter T. Daniels

The effects are no longer easily accessible, but they still work if
you open an old document that has them, and you can get at them with
VBA -- two macros to do so were posted here in the thread "Where are
non printing text effects in Word2007?" on January 12.



Graham Mayor

The barcode issue is covered at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/897290.
While the barcode function has been removed from the envelope dialog, you
can still insert a barcode field on an envelope if you must. You can
download automated envelope templates from my web site, one of which
includes the bar code.

The font effects are no longer included with the font dialog, but can still
be added by macro e.g.

Sub AnimateFont()
Dim sAnimation As String
If Len(Selection.Range) = 0 Then
MsgBox "Select text first!", vbCritical, "No Text Selected"
Exit Sub
End If
sAnimation = InputBox("Which animation? Enter the number: " & vbCr & _
" 1. Blinking Background" & vbCr & _
" 2. Las Vegas Lights" & vbCr & _
" 3. Marching Black Ants" & vbCr & _
" 4. Marching Red Ants" & vbCr & _
" 5. Shimmer" & vbCr & _
" 6. Sparkle Text" & vbCr & _
" 0. None", "Font animation")
Select Case sAnimation
Case 1: Selection.Font.Animation = wdAnimationBlinkingBackground
Case 2: Selection.Font.Animation = wdAnimationLasVegasLights
Case 3: Selection.Font.Animation = wdAnimationMarchingBlackAnts
Case 4: Selection.Font.Animation = wdAnimationMarchingRedAnts
Case 5: Selection.Font.Animation = wdAnimationShimmer
Case 6: Selection.Font.Animation = wdAnimationSparkleText
Case 0: Selection.Font.Animation = wdAnimationNone
Case Else:
End Select
End Sub


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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

My web site www.gmayor.com

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