Western Digital WD2500SD


Evert Meulie esq.

In the specs: 'IMPORTANT: Because of the time-limited error recovery
feature, this product is intended for server applications and is not
recommended for use in desktop systems.'

So what will be the disadvantages of using this drive in a (RAID)
desktop system?

Evert Meulie



Bob Knowlden

I'm unfamiliar with the technology, but you made me curious:


I won't attempt to summarize it, but:

"It is important to realize that TLER-capable hard drives should not be used
in non-RAID environments."

Whether a TLER drive would be recommended for RAID using an inexpensive
controller in a desktop system, I don't know. At first glance, it looks like
the SD drive would be worth the extra expense over a "desktop" drive.


Bob Knowlden

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