Weird desktop icon spacing



I have a weird icon spacing on the desktop (it has very small values).
I tried changing the Icon spacing (vertical & horizontal) in the
Advanced panel of the Display appearance settings. This is only
modifying the spacing for the Icon view in an explorer window, but the
spacing on the desktop is left unchanged.

I tried many manipulation combination, enabling/disabling auto
arrange, enabling/disabling alignment on the grid, rebooting. Nothing
is changing the desktop icon spacing. I tried changing the Desktop
folder location with the TweakUI power toy, but the problem persists.
Also the problem is the same whether I use normal 32 pixels icons or
big 48 pixels icons.

Is it possible to have per-folder icon spacing settings ? If so where
would these settings be located for the desktop folder ? In the
registry ? In some INI file ?

For the record, I just reinstalled Windows XP x64 SP2. I have a brand
new SP2c CD from Microsoft, but as it crashed during install I had to
make a custom install CD with nLite to incorporate some device drivers.


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