Weird Calendering Problem


Terry Franklin

All, I've seen a lot of similar posts but have been having trouble

We have Office XP on our Windows XP box, my wife and I each have our own XP
login and our own .PST file for Outlook.

If I send her a meeting request for an all day appointment, when it shows up
in her calendar it shows up for 7pm->7pm the next day. In my calendar it's
just all day, in hers it shows up starting at 7pm and spanning two days.

The thing is, both of our time zones are set to Central Time GMT -6, and
both of our daylight savings checkboxes are checked, and they are the same
both in Outlook and in the OS control panel.

Why is this happening? I'm very confused.




Terry Franklin said:
As an addendum, when she "accepts" an invite and I get the "accepted" email
from her, I do see the following in the "when" field

Occurs every 2 weeks on Friday effective 8/14/2003 from 7:00 PM for 1 day
(GMT-06:00) (no TZ description).

Yet in my calendar, when I sent it, it does not show up this way. Does (no
TZ description) mean anything?

aren't there also settings that enable you to set your usual work day , when
you have defined 0900-1700 and you wife has something else it might make a
difference, also I do not know whether the sending of a cyclic event was
intended and does make a difference in the handling of the "all day"
requirement (all day may mean as many hours as you have defines , and in
acyclic event it might use 24 hours ??)

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