WebSite or WebApplication in C# for TDD Approach ?


MS Techie

When Following a TDD Approach, where in we write a test for the web
application , which option is better. Is it better to use a

1. Create a new WebApplication Project
2. Create a New WebSite option

Because if I use a WebApplication, then only 1 dll gets created for all the
webpages. When I create a test project (right click and select the option
"Create Tests") and create a new unit test, When I run the application, I get
the message, web.config has changed. How do I tackle this situation. Do I
need to set some attributes in web.config for this ?

If I create a new WebSite ,then for every page it creates a dll . When I
right click and select the option to "Create Test" , I dont get a new Test
Project created automatically.

I am using Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Developers. Please
suggest me the best option for this version of Visual Studio and dont suggest
me VS 2008 since my company has already brought VS 2005 edition licenses.

Thanks in Advance


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