Anything like TestDriven.NET plugin for Visual Studio?



I used the personal edition of TestDriven.NET plugin for Visual Studio and it is kinda convenient. The feature I like the most is that I can right click inside a unit test method and select run unit test or debug unit test.

I am using NUnit for my project and cannot use the personal edition of TestDriven.NET. I have used the NUnit GUI, but I have to run unit tests outside of VS, and there is not way for me to step into the unit test in debug mode.

Any other free/open source plugins like TestDriven.NET? Thanks. My guess is that there are none, but would like to hear before I give it up.


With Reshaper, you can put a breakpoint on a line in a test class and
run until breakpoint.

But Reshaper does a lot more than that, by showing one different ways of
writing code taking advantage of .NET features like Linq and other stuff
showing how to write the code. You see that little light-bulb next to a
line, you can click it and see if it's going to give one some better
code, and it will do the replacement. That's how I learned Linq was to
let Reshaper change the code. :)

Some of that Select.Many code you saw in the example code I showed you
on interface stuff with BLL and DAL Resharper indicated you can change
it to look like this. :) The code was using foreach loops and Reshaper
changed it to be what you saw.

It does a lot more than that. It's the best investment I have ever made.

Have you ever heard of Gallio. It's open source and I use it with Reshaper.

You sound like a salesperson of ReSharper. Just kidding. Yes, I've used both Resharper and TestDriven.NET, and I like both of them.

So, are you saying that the step-into capability for unit tests in debug mode within VS comes from Resharper instead of TestDriven.NET?

I am not allowed to install my personal editions on employers' computers just because they are personal editions.

I have gallio, but it doesn't give me the capability to right-click inside a unit test and run/debug it, does it? Clarify please. I've used ICarus, but whenever I run in debug mode, it crashes. No hope.

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