web service running issue



I have to move my web services to our QA server for testing. All of the existing web services are configured under a parent web site such as

web sites --> default web site --> webservices -- all web services

The web service directory is configured for .NET 1.1, my new web services are .NET 2.0, I made the change on the ASP.NET to .NET 2.0 for my new web services, but I still can't run them. Do I need to create a new folder for my .NET 2.0 web service or can I run it under the
webservices folder which is configured for 1.0?


What happens when you call the new web service? Are you getting an error

Steve C.


Hi Steve,
what version of IIS server are you using and where did you change .NET
settings? I assume your web services are running from one ASP.NET worker
process. Worker process can load only one version of .NET Framework. You need
to separate your web services so each set will run in own workekr process
with correct version of .NET Framework.



I got it to work actaully. I put the 'parent' web site under the asp.net 2.0
configuration under the ASP.NET tab and now my 2.0 web services and 1.x web
services are running together

So can .NET 1.x apps run under the 2.0 configuration? I'm running my
services like that now and running both the 1.x web service and 2.0 web
service at the same time under the same parent web site.

though they're using seperate app pools

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