web service 401 unauthorized



I am using Avanade ACA web services which I guess uses .net web
services under the wraps. My requirement is use windows authentication
and allow user identity to pass thru to the web service and then to a

I have two websites in the same box - one is the UI and other is the
webservices. It works when I have anonymous clicked on in the
webservices but it does not work when I switch this off and windows
authentication on. It throws the exception - system.net.webexception
401 Unathorrized.

I have tried using
<defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials="true">

in the web services but with no success. I have also given all
permissions to the Network Service (default app pool identity) for the
file system for the web site.

Now this looks like a common problem with .net web services and I am
not sure what else I can try.

Anyone done this before or have some idea?

Thanks in advance



a Webservice method call simply transmits a SOAP envelope; no windows
credentials are included. So using Windows authentication in the IIS without
some sort of mechanism to transmit credentials as one would get with a normal
browser request that knows how to reply to the www-authenticate challenge is
not going to work.
-- Peter
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Thanks Peter.

So that means if I need to invoke web services programmatically from
the asp.net I will have to explicitly set user credentials on the SOAP

Is there something built into the framework to do that?


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