Way to get Word to go back to 100% zoom when maximized



I do a lot of copying and pasting, and consequently I often shrink a
Word doc to 75% or so view, so that I can see the entire page, when
the Word window itself has been shrunk to half of my screen (so I can
view another doc on the other side of the screen).

When I maximize one of the Word windows, the zoom setting remains at
75% until I change it back to 100. Is there a way to get Word to reset
the zoom setting, when a document is maximized?

I know if this is my biggest problem with Word, I got it made.... I'm
just wondering if this can be done. :)

Stefan Blom

As far as I know, doing what you want requires a macro.

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP
(Message posted via NNTP)

BTW--I'm on Word 2003 in Windows XP


Hmmm I'll try to record one, and both maximize Word and change the
view setting to 100%. I'll see if that works---or were you talking
about code here?


Thanks. It appears to work regardless of the view setting that is
lower than 100%. I run the macro and the window is maximized, along
with the zoom setting reset to 100%. Thanks. I wouldn't have thought
that a macro could do this, but then again.... :)

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