How do I change the default file-open zoom size for MS-Word doc?


Brian B

I have files that were created and 1st saved at 75% zoom.
I want to change the opending zoom size to 100%, but simply chaning it and
saving the file does not achieve this... the file still opens at 75% zoom....

I saved a seperate file at 200% and it now only opens at 200%, so the
setting is not specific to my p.c. but is specific to the view size at the
1st save...

I cannot find the setting in any of the menus / dialogue boxes. Can anyone


Stefan Blom

Note that although the zoom is saved with the document, changing the zoom
ratio alone will not mark the document as modified. In addition to changing
the zoom, edit the document, for example by adding and deleting a space.
Then you should be allowed to save the changes.

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

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news:[email protected]...

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