Way to force monitor standby when resuming from sleep



I am experiencing an issue when i schedule a task that has the "Wake the
computer to run this task" option checked. The computer wakes up as expected
and the task runs but the monitor wakes up too showing only a black screen
with the mouse pointer on it, and i don't want the monitor to wake up.
My notebook has an Ati graphic card (X1600) that is connected to motherboard
through pci express connection.
Since it's a notebook i can't turn off the power of the monitor.
I think that this problem is related with Ati graphic cards or maybe, in
general, to all the graphic cards that are connected to the mother board
through pci express connections. I say so because i added an Ati pci express
ati graphic card on my hp desktop and using this ati card i have experienced
the exact above problem that i have on my notebook. Removing the ati pci
express card from the slot on my desktop pc and using the integrated Nvidia
graphic card my monitor remains correctly in standby mode when the pc wakes
up due to a scheduled task.
I have all the drivers updated, both on ati graphic card of notebook and
Is there a way to force monitor to remain in standby state when the computer
wakes up due to a scheduled task?
Really thanks a lot for anyone who can give me any help or suggestion.
Best regards




It certainly sounds like you have diagnosed your problem well. Then it is an
ATI problem, and you should be contacting them. Make sure you are getting
the latest drivers for whatever operating system you are running, and that
you are getting them from the ATI site, not from Microsoft Update.

It may well be there is no answer. Remember, computers do not do what you
"want them to" only what you tell them to, and only if they can do it. Good

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