Water Cooling


the gnome

Is it difficult to install on a new build, and how quiet is it ?





Easy providing you plan it well (tube lengths etc). How quiet? Depends on
the system and what fan you use ...


the gnome said:
Is it difficult to install on a new build

how quiet is it ?
I chose a large, open reservoir and no fan which made my system silent
except for the video card and hard drive. I could have easily added water
cooling to the vid card but chose not to. Make sure you add chemicals to
prevent slime growth or you will be taking it apart in about a month and
cleaning it, don't ask me how I know.

Tip: buy chemicals for swimming pools, you will save a bundle over buying
the stuff sold by mod sites (which is the same)


It isn't difficult to install.
The amount of noise produced is dependent on the size and speed
of the fan, and, indirectly, the size of the radiator.

You can use a large radiator, from a motorcycle or one made specifically
for the task, and get away with not even using the fan, except for under
heavy load, producing a nearly inaudible system. Or, you can use a few,
larger fans running slowly, which would lower noise. It is also possible to
the waterlines to a radiator that is in a different room or basement,
no audible noise in the computers' room.





McQualude said:
I chose a large, open reservoir and no fan which made
my system silent except for the video card and hard drive.
If any other people try an open reservior, they should install that
reservior so that it can't possibly spill and get any equipment or
people wet. Electricity and water can be a deadly combination.

Everything in a water cooled system must be run from grounded outlets
that truly are grounded -- some houses have 3-prong outlets that are
neither grounded nor connected to ground fault interrupters (GFCIs).
But even with grounded outlets, a GFCI is still a good idea, and even
the radiator core should be grounded to the metal case of the

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