W7: Admin account deactivated - locked out


Gil Graf


just installed W7 Ultimate and made a mistake, I guess. During setup
procedure I created the account "Jose" and customized the OS with this
account, as I'm doing this for 20 years now. After finishing I removed
administrative rights from this account and went ahead to customize the
administrators desktop. But when I type in "Administrator" on logon screen,
Windows says "Administrator is deactivated". And now there is no
administrator account left to me! What to do? Complete new setup? Please let
me know if there is a workaround, it took hours to customize this computer
and I can't believe that W7 allows you to lock out yourself that easily...

Thanks and regards,

Gil Graf

Start Windows in "secure mode" (in German: "abgesicherter Modus"), then
yor're offered the built in administrator account for loggin on. Forgot
that... ;-)


Hello Gil,

Try this:

In the elevated command prompt (runas admin), type
net user administrator /active:yes and press Enter


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