W32.Swen.A virus and w32.Gibe-F virus in my Outlook!



Hello out there! I need some help getting rid of these 2
viruses (W32.Swen.A & W32.Gibe-F). At first, I wanted to
just erase my whole hard drive and re-install everything,
but I do not have all the software. I am not the Admin to
the network either so I am having some difficulty trying
to access a lot of things. Please help!

Steve Lenaghan

I would suggest FIRST getting off your network (pull the cord) so this
does not get into your system. I would assume if you got the virus you
either do not have a current virus program or opened the file by
mistake. If you go to the MS update site (from your Start | Settings |
Update you should find instructions for your operating system related to
the virus. Also go to your Virus web site, I believe Norton has a
specific cure.

My Norton virus checks files I get off my Netware 4 server but I don't
know if it checks them going to server.

Steve L

Jeremy Hopf

Visit either McAfee (Network associates nai.com) or Norton's web-site and
download their free removal tool..

There are instructions provided...

a link to download one of the programs (Network Associates tool)


Keep in mind this does not remove all viruses.. just select few which they
consider to be a big enough problem to release a free removal tool..


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