W2K3 Print cluster



I have a W2K3 print cluster , that has all version 3
printer drivers, primarily in-box drivers that ship with
W2K3. Client are all XP. The cluster has 5 spoolers each
with about 200 queues. The problem I am having recently
is that if for any reason I have to take a print spooler
off line - it remains in off line pending state for
enormously long time 20-30 minutes. Some times I have to
just reboot the node(s) to bring back on line. No errors
are reported in the event log. If any one knows about
this issue please let me know.




Alan Morris\(MSFT\)

Are there actively printing jobs (even ones in an error condition) in the
spooler resource that you are taking offline? The spooler will attempt to
print the jobs before going into the offline state.

Change the job completion timeout in the spooler resource properties. The
default is 160 seconds and that's for each scheduled job.

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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