W2k server, licensed, activated, no one can login to ts unles admi



I have a new w2k3 server. It is licensed. The license server is activated.
The users are added to the remote desktop group. The

With this scenario the only users that can login are local admins and domain
admin memebers. : (

When I go into the terminal services licensing it says built in unlimited
and open "Not Applicable"

Please help - thanks.

Vera Noest [MVP]

It seems that the body of your message is incomplete, so a lot of
my response here is just an educated guess. Please repost with more
detailed information if it doesn't solve your problem.

I'm also confused about your Operating System version: the subject
of your post says "W2K server", while the body of your message
says: "w2k3 server".

I believe that you could have both a permission and a licensing
problem. Is this Terminal Server also a Domain Controller? If so,
users also need the user right to "logon locally". You have to give
them this right in the Default Domain Controller Security Policy
(and that's also why it is *not* recommended to run TS on a DC).

Assuming that the Terminal Server runs windows 2003, you need to
run the Licensing Server also on a 2003 server (can be the same
server as the TS) AND you need to install 2003 TS CALs.

The "built-in" licenses that you see in Licensing Manager are only
for W2K Pro or XP Pro clients *when they connect to a W2K TS*. So
you have no use for them if you run a 2003 TS.

2003 TS CALs are either Per User or Per Device. If you installed
2003 TS CALs, which type are they?

If you installed 2003 Per User TS CALs, is the Terminal Server (not
the Licensing Server!) set to use "Per User" licensing? The default
is "Per Device".
You can check this from Administrative Tools - Terminal Services
Configuration - Server Settings - Licensing Mode
If it's set to Per Device mode, it will look for a Device TS CAL
and will not issue your Per User TS CALs.

Check this article, it explains that even after you have
switched licensing mode on the TS, your Per User TS CAL count will
not be decremented:

822134 - The Function of Terminal Server CALs in Windows Server

Vera Noest
MCSE, CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
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