W2007: Redefine TOC using other font


Abel MacAdam


Inside our company we use standardised documents. In the past the powers
that be have decided to use Metacorrepondence as the default font. Recently
the decided to go back to Arial.

At the moment I'm reworking a standard document, written by someone else.
One problem I struggle with is the definition of the Table of Contents.
Normally one would follow the following menus in the Ribbon:
References tab --> Table of Contents group --> Table of Contents menu
followed by 'Insert Table of Contents'. In the window that appears you can
press the Change button, and redefine the different headings in the TOC to
your hearths content (font = Arial for instance). But what I do in this
window, Metacorrespondence does not change. What do I do wrong?




Stefan Blom

Make sure that Metacorrepondence hasn't been applied as direct formatting to
the headings of the document. Direct formatting will display in the table of

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