w2003 DNS structure strange


joe haydn

hi all. My w2003 domain controller's DNS structure looks a bit strange.

It looks different from w2k DNS structure. Somehow it created 2 branches for
our domainname, lets call it "domain.local", as below:


and underneath the "_msdcs.domain.local" branch above, there are 4:

and underneath the "domain.local" branch, there are 6:
_msdcs (darkened out !)

What I don't understand is why the server created two branches. If the
"domain.local" has "_msdcs" underneath, why it created a separate branch
called "_msdcs.domain.local"? And in addition to this "_msdcs" under the
"domain.local", which has been darkened out?

I verified srv registration by Nslookup the
"_ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.tree.local", and it worked. I did DCDiag.exe and
Nltest.exe and no error is found. However, once in a while, I get a problem
when I try to join a workstation to the domain, by entering with the
domainname as "tree.local", it gives an error:

"DNS name does not exist, The DNS srv record is not registered"

But when I enter here as a single label "domain" alone, it works! Now, I
don't know if its due to this problem with the DNS structure registered as
above, but does it sound like so?

Is it something different in Windows 2003 DNS server structure? Do you guys
recommend recreating the DNS structure -- delete every srv record above and
let the dc register dynamically again?

thanks to all in advance

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