W2000 motherboard switch?


Michael Volow

I know from experience that Windows 2000 in general does not tolerate a
switch from motherboard to another motherboard. I understand this to be
related to chipset differencences and ATA controller differences on each

I currently have a Shuttle motherboard with Athlon XP 1600 + with Via KT266
chipset with USB only 1.1. I would like to upgrade the motherboard. If I
switch to a motherboard with the same chipset family (Via KT400 or KT600
chipset) is it likely that my current installation of Windows 2000 will




Unlikely as Windows 2000 has a reputation for being
very difficult to change mobos on. However, you could
try, after backing up your files, deleting all the hardware from
manager. Find all the hubs, controllers etc. then shut down,
change the mobo and let windows redetect the hardware.
Over in the win2k groups they say this sometimes works. If
it doesn't, then next try a repair install, which would keep your
files and programs intact.

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