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We're struggeling trying to setup a simple VPN connection to allow our
mobile users connect to the office from their laptops and would truely
appreciate some help. Configuration as follows:

All clients are running Windows XP SP2 with the built in firewall enabled.
We have a D-Link DI-804HV (firmware 1.39) firewall/router at the office
configured as

While in the office, all clients get IP numbers in the range
(subnet using DHCP in the router. We have opened up a PPTP
tunnel in the HV804 and configured the client VPN connection accordning to
the instructions from D-Link. We can connect to the network and get

The problem is that the PPTP server in the router can only be configured in
the 192.168.x.1 range and must be different from the LAN IP range (which is
192.168.0.x). So we've set the PPTP server to and when connected
we get local IP address /

We can ping our local DNS server (and all other machines behind the network)
in the 192.168.0.x range but we can't do anything else. I've tried to map a
shared folder e.g. \\\Files using username and password without
any luck.

Which ports needs to be opened (in XP SP2 firewall and/or router) and how
can we access resources in the 192.168.0.x range while connected in the
192.168.2.x range?

The router also supports something called "Dynamic VPN" and L2TP but as far
as I can tell PPTP is right for us. Any hints and pointers to useful
resources are greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much in advance,




Jeffrey Randow (MVP)

You shouldn't need to open anything else.. Are all of the machines on
the 192.168.0.x subnet running SP2 with the firewall enabled?

Jeffrey Randow (Windows Networking & Smart Display MVP)
(e-mail address removed)

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of all USENET users. Messages sent via email may or may not
be answered depending on time availability....

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Ken Knight

Hi Manso

I just got mine setup today and the ONLY way I was able to get it
working was to change the router from the default 192.168.0.x scheme to
192.168.10.x scheme. I honestly think that dlink still has some
problems with their firmware and something is screwy when trying to vpn
in with the main router being set to the 0.x address.

Once I made the change for that, i've had the tunnel up for the last
two hours with no dropped tunnel connections. That was the other
problem before making the change of 10.x I was sporadically making
connections but the tunnel would drop after 30sec to a minute or so.

Man I'll tell u, I was starting to doubt this router, but if it keeps
going, I'll be tickled!


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