vpn l25p fails over remote but works in lan

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I have set up rras and isa 2000 to accept vpn clients.

the server works fine over pptp but fails when i try to access l2tp.
i can connect from a workstation on the lan but from home it times out.

the certificate on the lan wkstn has server authentication & client
authentication but the external only has client authentication. i would have
thought that client authentication is all that would be necessary for a
client to connect to a server. i am sure the server cert must be ok as it
works on the lan.

all the required ports are opened on isa as i have run the vpn wizard.

any ideas?


Robert L [MS-MVP]

do you have a router/firewall? make sure the router/firewall doesn't block
the ports.

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the only firewall is the isa server that the rras is on.
the necessary ports are open.

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