VPN ip routing problem



Need help with the static routes in VPN setup.
What should my static routes be to enable remote users to
access the network without shutting down the intranet
users. I used VPN server to setup RRAS.
I can get the intranet to work with VPN running (access
internet and sever from workstation) but as soon as a
remote VPN user creates a tunnel to the server - all
intranet users can only access the internet, network path
not found whenever they try to access the server or other
workstations. If I disable RRAS all intranet functions
return to normal. I assume that I am missing a route or a
packet filter is wrong.

Current setup:

Static internet IP with Linksys router:
port 1723 is open for RAS

W2k Server w 1 nic

Wins server
DHCP server allowing to 200
Most workstations and printers are static ip's:
IP 192.168.1.xxx

I ain't doin something right - help!



Bill Grant

When the first remote client connects, the server acquires a second IP
to act as the server end of the VPN link. This can be a problem if the
machine is a DC running DNS. If this IP address registers in DNS, it can
cause odd Internet browsing and name resolution problems (also logon
failures on the LAN because the clients can't find a logon server).

Usually reconfiguring the DNS server to only listen on the LAN IP will
solve this. If you need further info, see KB 289735 and 292822.

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