VPN authentication issues



Hell my name is Grev. I have a small network of around 25 users and at the
moment 5 remote users. They asked me to setup VPN so that their remote users
can access their exchange email and browse their mapped drives on the
network. I installed VPN and the remote users are working just fine. But...
The office users lose license authentication for AutoCAD and Quickbooks. The
server that I installed VPN on is also the same that authenticates the
licenses for these programs. When you go to a office users station and take a
look at the network computer list. All the workstations are their, including
the exchange and new file server, but not the server that authenticates and
has VPN installed. I have thus removed VPN and everything is working fine. I
am in real need of getting this to work. Thank you in advance.

Rahisuddin Shah

Did you try to install RRAS on different machine. Is it Windows Server 2003?
What policies did you configured on it?
Lets work on it together.

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