VPN and Terminal Services SBS2k


Simon Hazelton

I'm fairly new to VPN and TS. I'm setting up a SBS2K server behind a NAT

If I'm connecting via VPN do I need to have the ports for TS open or will
this traffic be forwarded over the VPN?

SBS Server is 2 NIC, 1st to Private Network (, Second
( to ADSL Router (, which has static IP, Router
forwarding all traffic to

Remote Clients from satelite office will also have NAT'd DSL connection
(using 192.168.3.X)

Thanks for any help on configuring this.



Tomas Andersson

Hi Simon,

You will not need to have any other ports open than VPN pass-through. Check
that your ADSL router can be configured for PPTP or L2TP pass-through. After
connecting to your VPN, just type the local address for the terminal server,
either or 192.168.200 depending on your current routing

Tomas Andersson

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