VOB Encoding to Windows Movie Maker 2?



I have a VOB file from a sony camera i want to encode so i can import to
Windows movie maker and edit. How can I do this I have been up all night i
encoded to AVI no luck MPG1 no luck WMV no luck...I just tried expression no
luck..please help me.


It depends on the MPEG2 codecs on your system and the conversion tools you
use. See my website's Import Movie Source Files > Video > Discs page for
some ideas.

curtis walton

use sony's 'aplications" software CD that came with handy cam. connect handy
cam to computer using USB cables. import from camera using sony software and
which automatically gives you an ".mpeg2" file. use windows movie maker
(with windows vista) to edit, combine, add music, etc.
their tech help is great: 800-458-4029

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