I have 2 spreadsheet files. One called Street with street addresses and one
with a Student list with demographics plus their mailing addresses. I was
able to separate the addresses into a column so that they have no numbers,
just the street name, so the text matches the format of the street column. (I
couldn't get it to work by having the numbers and letters mixed. The street
file has another column labeled Grid code with a, b, or c.

I want to match the grid code to each student based on their street name but
i keep getting b's in the entire column when i know certain streets have a
value of a or c. Here is an example:

"Student list"

Street name (B) Grid Code (C)
1 Beech St =VLOOKUP(B2,Street, 7, TRUE)
2 Blevins Ct "I also tried" =VLOOKUP("*"&B2&"*", Street,
7, TRUE)


Street name (B) Grid Code (G)
1 Barnum Ct C
2 Beech St A
3 Blevins Ct C

The street names and Grid codes exist in different columns on both
spreadsheets, that's why i have different column letters for the grid code.
Also, i have tried it with sorted and unsorted street names. Thanks.




If these are two separate files, then the syntax you will need to use
is as follows:


This assumes that the two files are open at the same time - if not,
then you will have to include the full path to the filename in the

Hope this helps.


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