Vlookup, Index or Match - Problem



I posted this yesterday ... could not see ... so reposting it again

Hello All,
I am using Office 2003 and have the following problem:

Sheet PROD (figures for example purpose only- it can be numeric or
alpha numeric)
Col B Col H
1 Mar-07 123
2 xx xx
3 xx xx
4 Mar-07 345
5 xx
6 Mar-07 678
7 Apr-07 910
8 xx xx
9 Apr-07 122

Below there are other months also...Col B will go down for a complete
year. i.e. probably 500 Rows down.
I have a Sheet name REPORTS where I wish to have the information from
Sheet PROD
when I input the Month in Cell B6 on Sheet REPORTS for example =
The Formula should look up the contents of Cell B6 on REPORTS and
display the information from PROD Sheet as shown below in Cell A40

123 I want to input the Formula and drag it down in Cell A40 (on

For various reasons I cannot sort Col B of PROD Sheet
I searched the groups for Vlookup, Index & Match etc but could not see
any thing which suits my need

Any one can help me


Rashid Khan

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