vlookup or index/match formula??



I am trying to us a vlookup formula which is a little more dynamic than just
a vlookup...I am looking to return sales figures for a given product accross
several months.

a b c d
1 Jan Feb Mar
2 prod A 10 20 30
3 prod B 5 15 6
4 Prod C 5 1 13

The current formula is: VLOOKUP($A7,$A$2:$D$4,2,FALSE)
Is there a way to change the index column to account for the change in
month, without having to just change the column from 2 to 3 to 4 as I move
accross months...can I add some other index or match, to match the month name
and return the matching value that cooresponds with the related month?

Mike H


If you cjange your formula to the one below and drag right the column number


When competing hypotheses are otherwise equal, adopt the hypothesis that
introduces the fewest assumptions while still sufficiently answering the

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