VLOOKUP and IF together




I trying to create a formula for this.

Sheet 1 - where the formula is created
Column A - name part-number
Column B - name wholesaller
Column C - price of that part-number in that wholesaller

Sheet 2 - where info is
Column A - name wholesaller
Column B - name part-number
Column C - price for that part-number in that wholesaller
Note: the same part-number has different prices, depending on the wholesaller

Sheet 1
Column A - name part-number - here is value that shall be look up for in
other sheet, that I shall call Sheet 2. In the Sheet 2 the same part-number
will appear 5 times in 5 different rows, associated to 5 different
wholesellers with five different prices
Column B - name wholesaller - here I insert the name of the wholesaller
Column C - value of the part-number in the specified wholesaller - here is
where I insert the formula ( is it a IF+VLOOKUP ? ) where The price looked
for is the one in Sheet 2, that is associated with the specific whosaller I
inserted on Columnn B

I hope I was clear.

thanks everyone!
cheers from Portugal, Lisboa


Don Guillett

If desired, send your file to my address below. I will only look if:
1. You send a copy of this message on an inserted sheet
2. You give me the newsgroup and the subject line
3. You send a clear explanation of what you want
4. You send before/after examples and expected results.

Don Guillett


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