Adding up total hours worked on employee schedule using various criteria

Mar 6, 2016
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I have an employee schedule that lists the shifts worked on a weekly basis. The shifts are entered into the sheet using shift names rather than actual times. The hours (value) of each shift varies depending upon the number of movements in the day - on days with 3 movements most are 8, on days with 2 movements they vary from 5-8. I need for the last column of the schedule to show the total hours worked for each person, taking into account the difference in the daily schedule (movements).


Currently I'm using the following formula in column G

However this doesn't take into account the difference between 2 & 3 movement days. I've tried various combinations of LOOKUP, VLOOKUP, IF, etc. but haven't been able to make work.

Any thoughts from the pros?

Thanks for the help!

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