Total Working hours If



Hella i am working a attendance and payroll sheet i have one sheet
called programm that i update the date each month 30 or 31 days every
working day is 09:00:00 working hours in and it will automaticly be
updated in each employee sheet and all days are considered as working
days no days off
My Attendance sheet for each employee is as follows
The problem is that i am working in a restaurant and every person has
a different day off based on the schedule

A3 = Dates
B3= Present 1/ Absent 0 (=COUNT(G3)
C3= If Absent write A
D3= Annual Write AN
E3= Sick Write S
F3= Off Days Write
G3= Time In
H3=Time OUT
K3= Total Hours (+H3-G3)
L3= required Hours (+Programm)

B38= Total Present (B4:B36)
C38= Total Absent (C4:C36)
D38= Total Annual Taken
E38= Total Sick Taken
F38= Total Days OFF

What i am looking for is a formula that states ones i have In the
cells C,D,E,F any of the following letters i want the required hours
to be 0:00:00 if the employee worked wich means he is present i want
it to take the total of (+programm)

Please advise



The formula is not working cause what i need is if it is a normal
working day with attendance without any kind of absence i want the
cell L that is equal required hours to take only the result for the
attendance required daily
Example :L3( Required total hours) =Programm!G5

Please help

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