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Erictyle Dysfunction

I have two PC's with Vista Ultimate. About 4 months ago, on the first PC, I
installed Visual Studio 2005 on it. When I double-click the Icon to run
Visual Studio, it just opens up.

Last week, I installed Vista Ultimate on a new PC. I also installed Visual
Studio on the new PC. When I double-click the Icon to run Visual Studio,
the UAC pops up and says the program needs permission to continue. This is
unusual because I checked "Run as Administrator" and owner is Administrator,
and under the Advanced Security Settings for Visual Studio 2005, the owner
is Administrators, but the funny thing is when I click on the Effective
Permissions tab, the user name is blank. I can click Select to change it,
but the buttons at the bottom of the tab will not allow me to click Apply.
I can click OK, but the settings are not saved.

I think I'm on the right track, but why can't I change the effective


Jimmy Brush


Visual Studio prompts because you checked Run As Administrator.

In Windows Vista, programs either run with your admin power or without

Only programs that prompt ("Windows needs your permission to
continue") can use your admin power.

Checking "run as administrator" indicates to Windows that you want
Visual Studio to run with your admin power, and so it has to prompt
when it runs to use your admin power.

- JB

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