Visual C++ 6.0 - Win 7 compatibility




1. I have an applications developed on VC++ 6, in Win XP Professional.

On win 7, I have the following problem with my application:

- we developed our service which executes our gui application.
The problem is that on Win 7, our application which was operated from the
service runs on the hide mode. In win XP Pro. all worked ok.

Please advise, what to do in this case?

2. I have tried to install Microsoft Visual Studio on Win 7, with no success.
I have received an error msg that this tool is not compatible for Win 7.
most of our kernel applications developed on Visual Studio 6.0.

- Is there any way to install Mic.Visual Studio 6.0 on Win 7 operating system?

Thanks in advanced,

Brian Muth

VC6 cannot be readily installed on Windows 7. I was able to install the
baseline system, but I've been unable to apply any service packs, which are
very important for VC6. Bottom line: do your development on an earlier
Windows OS.

Secondly, under both Vista and Windows 7, services run in a session called
Session 0, and is a separate session from applications launched by the
logged in user. This means GUI's that are launched from a service are not
visible to the logged on user.

Note that this has nothing to do with Visual C++ 6 per se.

You can read more about it here:


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