VistualStudio 2008 - DAL Test




I've been doing web development for a long time using a single web
application file (Classes in App_Code folder). However, now I'm
starting a new web application and I want to break all the layers into
different projects where at least Web Application is one project & a
data access layer is another project.

My steps,
I create an application in IIS 'e.g., MyAppSite'. (I like to use IIS)
I create a new solution in VS2008 and add a class libary project 'DAL'
<- is this correct?
I add the http://localhost/MyAppSite to the solution
I change the output of my DAL to point to http://localhost/MyAppSite/Bin
and everything works fine.

My problem is debugging DAL project (I'm using LINQ to SQL). Is there
way for me to set break points in DAL project and see what the values
are? Without creating a unit test project for my .dbml file since it
has so many methods? I might want to add transactions later using
stored procedure and my own C# class..etc, I want to test the output
of the DAL (data access layer) to make sure it works (where I want to
set breakpoints if needed)

Can you please explain how I can do this? Am I taking the correct
approach by creating a Class Project for my data access layer or I
should be doing this differently?

Greatly appreciate your help

Thank you

Mr. Arnold

mazdotnet wrote:


You should have cross-posted this to all the NG(s) at once instead of
one at a time.

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